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When your refrigerator, range or any other appliance is not working or not functioning as it is supposed to, it might be tempting to try to solve the problem on your own. As someone with the courage to do it yourself, you likely see taking on the job by yourself as a great way to save money. While this sounds great in theory, it’s likely not your best option.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to fix things yourself, but sometimes, doing so is more harmful in the long run. Here are just a few reasons you should hire a pro when you need appliance repair.


Protecting your warranty

If your appliance has a warranty, repairing it yourself will likely void it. Appliance warranties cover things like manufacturer defects, and if your unit is damaged due to improper use, you may be responsible for the cost of repairs. Homeowners in this situation often try to fix the problem themselves only to realize they’ve voided their warranty and have no coverage for future problems.


Long-term solution

Having your appliances repaired by a professional is a long-term solution. You might be able to find a repair guide online, but you’re more likely to face the same or a similar problem again if you take the "do it yourself"(DIY) approach.

Also, professional repairs come with service warranties. This means that if your machine breaks down again shortly after being repaired, the repair company will take care of the follow-up service.


Saving money

You might be thinking about fixing your appliance to save money, but doing so could cost more than hiring a professional. When you call for professional appliance repair, your technician will arrive with the proper tools, equipment and parts to diagnose and correct the problem. You won’t have to worry about needing to re-fix the problem, and working with a professional means that when the job’s done, your appliance will be safe to use.


At NY Refrigerator Repair Speciallists, we proudly offer professional appliance repair in New York City and the surrounding communities. We’ve serviced thousands of appliances, and we are a Factory Authorized repair company for the majority of the brands  and  major appliance manufactures. We can fix virtually any type of appliance, and we offer same day residential repair services. To learn more or to schedule a service call, please contact us today by calling 212-203-7844. You can also request an appointment online. We will prove we are different.

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